"I have loved Freddy Birdy's work for years since a friend showed me a few of his paintings online [ right after his exhibition at Nature Morte, in Delhi.] His work is amazingly clever, and manages to be deep without losing lightness. He is an artist of the world-in a literal and wonderful way - and as a writer i can't but marvel at the visual beauty of his sentences. My favourite of his paintings are the ones with motivational quotes; something about them is intrinsically ironic, and yet one can't completely hide away from their obvious truth-because, yes, 'however far you go you can never move away from yourself', and indeed, 'sometimes all you need is a good haircut'."

Annalisa Merelli, Writer, Editor

"Pop grammar comes easy to Birdy; a conversation with him is much like the allusion filled banter of Gilmore Girls. With a generous use of popular iconography, he is at once critic and fanboy."

Vogue, India

"How do you make sedition an art form? You study Freddy Birdy's beautifully detailed work. Sure, it's a telling commentary an society. But that is a simplistic definition of a brilliant mind. Instead, think of layered subversion where you can never be sure who is the subject and what is the object[ion]."

Nonita Kalra, Editor, Harper's Bazaar India

"At first glance, Freddy Birdy's art seems as benign as pop music, but a closer look and it jabs your core. Freddy uses American popular culture to comment on a larger global zeitgeist. Women and their body image, modern dating practices, a phobia for aging and the male gaze, all find a way in his seemingly harmless frame. His words are another story altogether- sarcasm, humor, truth and hope simultaneously punch you in the gut and kiss you softly. Freddy Birdy is instant attraction that lingers on forever."

Zoya Akhtar, Filmmaker

“Freddy Birdy's paintings mix instantly recognisable popular images with wry axioms and labels that give them a sardonic twist. Wonder Woman, Barbie, Superman and supermodels appear in vivid colour and lively poses, but we are repurposed to challenge the popular culture from which they were born as well the contexts to which they have travelled. The visual and graphic expression of American commercialism is the chosen idiom, but with a slightly retro style and hint of nostalgia for when consumerism was a more benign idea. Both a wordsmith and an artist, Freddy Birdy provokes, entertains and stimulates with this spirited body of work.”

Navina Haykel, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

“It has always seemed to me that Freddy has created an entire new genre - one where sly wit, layers of allusion and offhand comment collude with each other in a surprising way. With great economy and beauty, Freddy makes us see all over again.”

Santosh Desai, Brand Consultant & Columnist

“Freddy Birdy knows the power of words and images. Letters of the alphabet get magically transformed, twisted, elevated, turned around, and a message appears, as if out of nowhere. I love his work and am a proud owner too!”

Shobhaa De, Novelist

"I love Freddy's work for its humor which is not-so-subtle, using bold illustration & fantasy."

Kalyani Chawla, Entrepreneur, Luxury Brand Consultant

"Freddy's art is stylish at the same time quirky and thought-provoking. A must have for collectors of modern international art."

Ramola Bachchan, Entrepreneur

"Why do i love Freddy Birdy's art? Because it is provocative, emotional, ballsy, approachable, vulnerable and makes you want to take it home immediately."

Priya Kapoor, Editorial Director, Roli Books

"Birdy is determined to take everything - including himself - down a peg or two, but always with humor. If "There was time when nobody ate sushi" provides pithy one-liners to navigate our era, "Chain painting" is an extremely funny take on the fears and pretensions of the Indian art world."

Tehelka, Magazine