Originally from Bombay, Freddy has lived and worked in New Delhi for the past two decades. He has received more "Copywriter of the year" awards then any other copywriter in Indian advertising. He currently owns his own advertising agency which is based in New Delhi.

It comes as no surprise then that Mr.Birdy's paintings are predominantly text-based. Through the adroit use of font styles, graphic devices, juxtapositions of scale and accompanying pictures, his works present both prose and poetry as visual art, something to read but also something to experience. His subjects are the foibles of romance, the longing for both self-confidence and status through a variety of relationships, and the confluence of artistic strategies and mass-marketing dialogues.

Highly idiosyncratic within the context of contemporary Indian art, Mr.Birdy's works participate in a long history of language-based paintings and art works that characterize Western Modernism: from the word/image puzzles of the Surrealist Rene Magritte, the studies of meaning by American Conceptualist Joseph Kosuth, the Pop Icons of Los Angeles painter Ed Ruscha, to the linguistic experiments of Feminist artists such as Barbara Kruger and Jenny Holzer. Yet Mr.Birdy does not recreate an academic's dry rhetoric. Rather, his works are humorous and highly entertaining, self-deprecating and tongue-in-cheek placing him in the context of his own generation of artists such as Richard Price, Maurizo Cattelan and Martin Kippenberger, who poke fun at the conventions of art so as to take it forward. Mr. Birdy posits painting as a type of stand-up comedy.

Peter Nagy, Gallery Nature Morte